A Guide On How To Go About Purchasing Your First Serious Watch

For most beginners, purchasing and investing in a quality watch can prove to be an overwhelming and complicated business. Before settling on that luxury timepiece, you may want to balance certain considerations. Some leading industry insiders gave us their advice on how to make an informed decision before deciding to dress up that wrist.

Ergonomic Design Stays In Fashion

As a first timer, it is best if you avoid anything that is too startling. With a classic design, you will be able to keep it straightforward and timeless. By getting something that will go with your office look as well as weekend style, your time machine will never ?go out of fashion.

Go For Iconic Brands

When new to the watch world, it will be safe for you to go for brands that are well known. In the market, there are more than a whopping 20 brands that have proven to be reliable regarding quality throughout history. Due to their popularity, it is just a breeze to repair and service as years goes by.

Consider Size

Your watch should never look petite on your wrist and also the lugs should not extend past wrist’s edge. For most men, around case will look best on them, and the watch should be in a size of 40-44 mm. For those who happen to have gigantic wrists, then you may consider having a watch that will match your bulk.

Research On Off- The-Radar Brands

Today, there are thousands of brands to select from, which is a good thing. Before embarking on this mission, make sure you do your research thoroughly. You do not want to spend all your Christmas savings then end up regretting the minute you put it on the wrist.

Do Not Fret On The Funky

Women understand the concept of having different watches for different occasions. Men should also embrace this system. Do not shy upon adding another piece to a new design to your collection. There are different types of watches, and you should achieve to having at least one of them, from dress watches to the sports watches.

Do Not Treat Your Watch As A Lucrative Financial Investment

With an investment, you expect your hard earned bucks to return and if possible, with some profit. Guess what? Your watch will not bring back the money you spent on it. If value means much to you, then may select a Rolex or Patek Phillipe. For women, Cartier will suffice.

Choose It On Your Own

Although we have said that a watch is not a financial investment, it sure is an emotional one. It will always have a sentimental value to you even if down the line you will no longer wear it. A watch will reflect something about you and therefore it is wise to choose it yourself.

Trust Your Instincts

Who cares what other people think? When choosing your timepiece, it is important to consider your comfort when wearing it. You should not buy something just because someone else thinks it suits you best.

Here’s the bottom line; watches are one of the most practical purchases. They can last for decades if you take good care of them and become crucial markers of your personal history. A gorgeous watch can signify an achievement such as getting your first job, graduating from campus, or branching out on your own. It can be a history marker of new stage in life.

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